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Could get crap for this but oh well

I see the possibility for racial implications in the latest episode, but honestly that’s not what I got.

When I saw the various interpretations of Pride and Prejudice, I always got the vibe that Caroline was a bit of a control freak with a tiny comfort zone. She never has confidence in her brother, and she likes to run everything.

Honestly, I didn’t get that this interpretation was any different except that she happens to be Asian in LBD. She’s a sister who’s used to her brother coming to her for everything, she wants him to be successful, she’s never liked the Bennets, and she doesn’t want to lose her family to these people she doesn’t like. Everyone in her life is finding themselves attached to this family, and she’s the only one who hates them. I don’t see “tiger mom” stereotypes, but I see how it’s possible to get that.

I’d have loved to get the Catherine confrontation from someone other than her, yeah, namely Catherine, but I think it worked.

When the people in your life suddenly start drifting away, it’s hard enough, but when they find others - who you’ve met and really can’t stand - to be more important, it’s even worse.

I don’t see a “tiger mom”, I see a person in a tiny social bubble that’s close to bursting and is progressively more and more uncomfortable with that.

As I said, I can understand peoples’ issues with it, but personally I thought this episode was good. Though I would’ve loved Lizzie being a little more upfront about her feelings, yeah, but she seems to have communication issues. Don’t we all?

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    ^^^^^^ Harmful racist things are harmful and racist even if they were done carelessly.
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    why is it so important that the writers are UNINTENTIONALLY racist/perpetuating racist storytelling tropes?
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    Alright, yes. THIS I get. I just kept seeing a lot of people going “THEY DID IT ON PURPOSE AGH” and it was bothering me....
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    I agree with this and saw the same thing when watching. As someone who grew up with a helicoptor mom and a family who...
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    I can’t speak for all Asian-Americans out there, but the episode bothered me because it perpetuated a very prominent...
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